Chiropractic Reviews

"Matthan, Jessica, and Jadelyne are awesome! Super friendly and helpful! I have seen amazing results from their care! Recommend their services to everyone interested in chiropractic care!"

- Dan Cox

"Knowledgeable friendly staff with great results. Highly recommend!!"

- Adam Hahn

"Great office crew and service, makes me happy."

- Kathy Danis

"These folks have helped me lose almost 20lbs in just over a month with their “Trust Your Gut” program. They’re also helping my feet recover from neuropathy. Invest in yourself and give these folks a shot! My awesome wife & I travel 100 miles round trip to Aligned Family and it’s worth it! Oh…and the friendly staff are the icing on the cake….ooops…did I say CAKE???"

- David Wells

"This office cares. From the Dr. to his staff. Their knowledge of Neuropathy is amazing. My husband had just started but I feel we are on the right track with Aligned Family Chiropractic."

- Joe Amann

"Friendly, professional and Dr. Wheeler is very knowledgeable. I always leave feeling better."

- Greg Stedman

"Just had my initial consultation for treatment of neuropathy in my feet. Great first impression! Super friendly staff, knowledgeable and personable D.C. Stay tuned for a report of my positive results!"

- Kim Metcalf

"Friendly, caring staff working to help achieve the best healthy outcome!! Highly recommend."

- Tina Swanson

"Love Aligned Family Chiropractor! They are always so caring and so friendly! Great staff and great service!"

- Lyndell Baser Miller

"Doc knows his stuff and staff is friendly. A gentle Chiropractor."

- Diana Hill

"This is a great team! They are very knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to be healthy inside and out!"

- Nelly Knapp

"Everyone is so kind and considerate."

- Evonne Loray Asbury Wu


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